How to decide trademark classes for your business?

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Trademark classes and categorization for your business

Finding the right class of goods and services for you is a quintessential aspect of the trademark registration process. It is most important to ensure that you decide on the right trademark class/es to get an appropriate protection for the goods manufactured or services rendered by you. Trademark Classification System Based on your business domain, you may choose the class … Read More

Criteria to distribute equity among co-founders?

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Many a time just a random idea may formulate into a business when two or more people discuss the idea and work towards it. If such an idea transforms into a business, the biggest question such entrepreneurs face is how the equity must be shared among the founders’. No doubt it’s a tough decision to make and may even end … Read More

Advantages of Trademark Protected

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Brand Value

The great businessman Jeff Bezos once said “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. Trademark protection is a very important tool for the modern day businessman. Trademark is a way by which you can protect your brand identification in order to prohibit others from using … Read More

Partnership should not be Registered – Myth or Reality?

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Featured image - Deal

People have been joining hands and working together since time immemorial. Even before a time that our imagination cannot extend till, symbiotic organisms like corals and bacteria have been partnering and co-existing for the common good and survival of both. The development of cohabitation and society, prove that partnership or working together as an option was already in existence. A … Read More

7 Reasons To Register A Domain Name

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In today’s world, a prominent online presence is an absolute necessity for any business or enterprise that wants to succeed. This can be either through social media, a well-recognised website, or a mobile application. In an ideal scenario, it would be a combination of all three of these. Regardless of the nature of your business, priority should definitely be put … Read More

Patent Filing – Types and Advantage

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If you are an inventor and willing to protect your invention then the next right step towards protecting your inventions is to file for a patent, that way you restrict others from making, selling or using your invention.  Before you file or submit a patent application in a particular country, it is better to perform patent search to get clarity … Read More

Trademark Registration Process in India

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Trademark registration is a simple yet a significant aspect of your branding process. Determination of a mark and filing an application for the protection of the same at the Indian Trademark Registry is definitely a vital aspect for your trade/business as it helps to establish you as a competitor in the market and thereby provides a base for you to … Read More

NDA – Restriction or Redemption?

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Non-Disclosure Agreement Featured Image

It is not the National Democratic Alliance or the National Defence Academy, I am talking about a Non-Disclosure Agreement. On a serious note, an NDA is a legally enforceable contract which establishes a confidential relationship between the holder of confidential information and the party that intends to receive such information. This legal definition can be broken down to three important … Read More

Provisional application filing – Strategy and advantages

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Provisional application - Cost and time effective business strategy

Consider a scenario where you want to file a patent on an idea that is still at a developing stage and is detailed enough to be disclosed on paper but the final working protocol is not ready yet, in such conditions it is very important to secure the filing date, especially in India as the Indian Patent office follows first … Read More

How to do an Indian Trademark Search

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Trademark Search Report

As the world is changing fast, there are many positive and negative instances that we get to witness every day. People are coming out with new and innovative ways to ride over and attain profit out of the brand names of other people. In order to prevent someone else getting the fruits of your hard work, you should always protect … Read More