About Us

We are defined by what we do.

Our Story

Our firm’s initiation was based on a conversation over a cup of coffee (literally)! Three friends who had nothing in common other than their aspiration to make law simple and understandable for businesses decided to disrupt the ideology that law is only about dispute resolution.

This conversation planted the seed of aspiration into the minds of these friends and ultimately led to the formation of Ediplis, a modern-day legal services firm.

Our name Ediplis is an acronym that embodies our vision, mission and core values: Excellence Driven Intellectual Property Legal & Integrated Services.

The term Excellence aptly projects our vision of achieving cutting edge quality in every service that we offer to our clients. The term “Integrated Services” befits our mission of hand holding our clients through every stage of business thereby becoming a small part of their success story.

Our Team

We at Ediplis are a group of dynamic legal professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from extensive education and practice in law to prominent expertise in technology and management topped up with quintessential legal knowledge.

With a passion for helping our clients understand and demystify the intricate web of laws and over a decade of experience in dealing with complex legal issues, we bring more than just solutions to legal woes to the table. Our focus on furthering business goals and acting as an extended legal arm enables us to weave relationships with our clients in a manner that fosters trust and transparency.

Nishant Kewalramani

Founding Partner

 Nishant, probably the most austere of us all, is also the one most likely to be caught watching the cricket matches or the Fifa updates or truth be told, anything that is even remotely related to sports in any way, secretly on his phone. That being said it’s also true that as candidly as he may recite the play-offs, it would be far easier for him to solve all your Intellectual Property legal woes.

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Ashima Chalia

Founding Partner

Ashima, the core of our Commercial transactions team is nothing short of a cheer bomb ready to explode at any second. Currently in charge of developing our Workplace Relationship and Real Estate Division, you can see her chirping and filling laughter on stupid jokes, in between of erratic and superfast typing to meet the deadlines. Though her drafting skill may be dipped in professionalism her personality is soaked in effervesce.

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