Data and Privacy

The ever-growing global economy, interaction between businesses and clients, cross-border nature of transactions etc. has caused a manifold increase in data exchange. In today’s time, data alone has proved to be an important asset for any business entity, thereby causing businesses to protect the data collected/owned by them from various cyber-crimes/ data breaches.

Recent times has also witnessed multiple jurisdictions imposing stringent data protection regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, making it a legal requirement to secure the data rather than a mere business requirement. Ediplis has been one of the forerunners in providing data protection, privacy and cyber law related services.

Services offered by Ediplis

Data protection advisory

Recent times has witnessed various jurisdictions imposing legal restrictions on business entities with respect to collection, processing, storing and sharing of data. It becomes imperative that business entities undertaking activities in those jurisdictions, comply with the legal requirements. We hand hold our clients through data protection compliance, advisory, commercial transaction structuring involving determination of data controllers, data processors etc.

Take down notices

With increase in awareness on the importance of intellectual property rights to business entities, IP owners around the globe are finding it imperative to protect their already protected IP from infringers. One of the remedies available to such IP owners is take down notices. Over the years we have assisted clients with take downs of infringing products, brands, content etc. from various forums including e-commerce portals, content hosting portals, social media etc.

Domain name acquisitions and dispute resolution

With the development and progress in e-commerce activities worldwide, domain names have proved to play an important role as they help recognize a business entity and hence are treated at par with trademarks and other types of brand names. Business entities are seen to proactively involve themselves in building online identities through relevant domain names and also the protection of their domain names with an aim to prevent others from passing off the same. We have represented various small and large enterprises in domain name acquisition exercises as well as for disputes both with respect to Top Level Domains and Country Specific Domains.

Drafting of legally compliant documents

Every organization must ensure adherence with legal requirements and one way of ensuring the same is by maintaining legally compliant documents. We have significant experience in drafting terms of use, privacy policies that are compliant with multiple jurisdiction regulations, IT and data protection guidelines for different organizations that help these organizations showcase compliance with various regulations and the like.

Data audits

Data Privacy Impact Analysis is performed by organizations to analyze all possible vulnerabilities that could lead to a data privacy breach and take appropriate remedial measures. We help our clients in carrying out Audits with respect to processors and sub processors to ensure compliance with contractual terms and data protection regulations.

Cyber law consulting

The growth of e-commerce and the ever-evolving social media in the cyber space has driven jurisdictions to impose effective regulatory mechanisms to curb the increase of cyber-crimes. We assist our clients with respect to resolving cyber bullying, cyber espionage and other forms of cyber-crimes.

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