To Claim or To Disclaim: The Primary Condition For Brands!

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The tussle over brand CORONIL between Patanjali Ayurveda (“Patanjali”) and Arudra Engineers (“Arudra”) from 2020 questioned Patanjali’s rights, interest, as well as intentions with respect to the brand CORONIL[1]. Patanjali’s brand had been devised and used on an ayurvedic composition and heavily promoted as a COVID-19 preventive formulation. Arudra’s brands ‘CORONIL 92 B’ and ‘CORONIL 213 SPL’ were used since … Read More

Amendments in India Designs Rules, 2021

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The recent amendments to the Designs Rules, 2001, are deemed to be in effect from January 25th, 2021 as notified in the Official Gazette. The said amendment are designed to streamline the various processes of the industrial designs in India. The key features of the amendment are: Startups Recognition The said amendment has recognized a separate category for applicants i.e. … Read More

Patent Filing Procedure

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Patent Filing Procedure

Once the inventor decides to protect his/her invention, the inventor needs to file a patent application for the invention, and this post attempts to throw some light on patent procedure in brief. Before getting into the actual procedure, it is important to know certain basic questions on patent filing. What are the patentability criteria? Before filing patent application, it is … Read More

Provisional vs. Complete patent specification

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When an applicant wishes to obtain patent right for his/her invention, it is required to disclose the invention to the patent office through a patent specification drafted in a specific format. As I have already mentioned in my previous blog that there are two different types of drafting a patent specification, I will now focus on the pros and cons of … Read More

Premoney and Postmoney Valuation

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“The world is terribly apt to take people at their own valuations” -Amelia B Edwards This is the reason that there can be no set formula or method to value something. Premoney valuation and Postmoney valuation are terms that have evolved due to the evolution of this new startup culture and the increase in the number of people wanting to … Read More

What to do if your trademark is copied?

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As a business owner, one of the most important things to look out for is somebody impersonating your brand or trade mark. A brand that you have possibly spent large sum of money on to create, strengthen, and establish in your field of business. In today’s interconnected world and the subsequent rise of e-commerce, the possibility of somebody using your … Read More

International patent application – Things you should know

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If you are an Indian resident and your invention or your novel product is catered to markets of multiple countries or if you are thinking to expand your business overseas, then it is highly recommended to file patent application internationally in all those countries to show the monopoly over the invention. I am often asked these common set of questions … Read More

Affirmative rights in a term sheet

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Deal- Yes/No

It is common for every investor to be concerned about the level of risk associated with the investment to be made in any company, despite conducting due diligence before deciding on the investment. One way of protecting investor interest is by signing a “term sheet” with the promoters of the company. A term sheet is one of the basic documents … Read More

Foreign Filing License and its importance

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Once the patent application is filed, it gives regional right pertaining to India and not global right to make use of the invention everywhere. If an inventor or applicant desires to make use of the invention outside that India, then patent application needs to be filed in those specific countries. Why file patent application in foreign countries? If the inventor … Read More

Guidelines on drafting Indian Patent application

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Patent Drafting in India

Once the patent search process for your invention is done and if the invention is found to have higher chances of getting a patent grant, you may decide on going ahead with the filing of patent application. In order to file a Patent application, the application needs to be drafted in a clear, precise and detailed description about the invention … Read More