How to do patent search using free patent databases?

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Do you have an invention developed that you want monopoly over and you want to restrict others from using it for any purposes without your permission? Then ‘Patenting’ your invention is the right answer.  A patent gives protection to your invention by excluding others from making, using and selling of it unless you allow. By doing a patent search, an inventor can have a better idea whether his/her invention is likely to be patented. Before you could apply for a patent, it is … Read More

5 Trademark Databases for a comprehensive Indian trademark search

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The growth of the Internet has changed nearly every facet of the human existence, and commerce is no exception. The mass proliferation and availability of Internet services has allowed merchants to tap into new audiences and markets that would have been impossible for them to reach earlier. As global commerce continues to expand, there has also been a correlated increase … Read More