Affirmative rights in a term sheet

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Deal- Yes/No

It is common for every investor to be concerned about the level of risk associated with the investment to be made in any company, despite conducting due diligence before deciding on the investment. One way of protecting investor interest is by signing a “term sheet” with the promoters of the company. A term sheet is one of the basic documents … Read More

Criteria to distribute equity among co-founders?

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Many a time just a random idea may formulate into a business when two or more people discuss the idea and work towards it. If such an idea transforms into a business, the biggest question such entrepreneurs face is how the equity must be shared among the founders’. No doubt it’s a tough decision to make and may even end … Read More

Partnership should not be Registered – Myth or Reality?

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People have been joining hands and working together since time immemorial. Even before a time that our imagination cannot extend till, symbiotic organisms like corals and bacteria have been partnering and co-existing for the common good and survival of both. The development of cohabitation and society, prove that partnership or working together as an option was already in existence. A … Read More

NDA – Restriction or Redemption?

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Non-Disclosure Agreement Featured Image

It is not the National Democratic Alliance or the National Defence Academy, I am talking about a Non-Disclosure Agreement. On a serious note, an NDA is a legally enforceable contract which establishes a confidential relationship between the holder of confidential information and the party that intends to receive such information. This legal definition can be broken down to three important … Read More

Is it advisable to use standard agreements?

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connect representing right fit to suit requirements

Be it a simple Memorandum of Understanding or a complex Founders Agreement, any legally binding agreement can prove to be challenging to any individual or a business entity. Given the vital role of any legally binding agreement, a well drafted agreement can save an entity from unpleasant legal complications. People are often hesitant to get professional help to draft a … Read More